Pete's Kingmaker campaign

Down with the Stag Lord!

... Much discussion ensued about exactly what our plans to kill the Stag Lord (Dun dun DER) might entail. None of it was particularly complex, or required too much deception, but Aramil made the good point that trying to bluff our way in would probably end badly with the shiny paladin along (Hurr, Hurr). In the end, we agreed that some scouting was in order, followed by informed planning rather than mucking about at Olegs with silly ideas.

So, off we rode to the south. We set up camp at the goldmine. I really need to work out a way to profit from this place.

During Gore’s watch, ANOTHER Tatzelwurm sneaked up on the horses. We need to work on training those guys to take care of themselves. I woke as soon as the fighting began, and ran outside, but I only had time to watch Gore chasing the badly injured wurm for a few seconds before Naias finished it with an arrow. Apparently he had reacted quickly enough to save hte horse, and quickly beat the thing back. Aramil then used that wand of healing (need to get me one of those. I’m fairly sure I can figure out how it works) to fix up my horse, who was quite pleased.


So, onwards to the Stag Lord’s (Dun dun DER) camp.

We head towards Goreford, and the only event of the day was a lone wolf eating it’s prey beside the path we were following. Gore growled, it ran off. Boring. At least the loot from the Stag Lord’s (Dun dun DER) camp will be good, I hope.


So. In the afternoon, we explore further south, following the river. We see a lake in the distance to the south, and a small walled camp with 3 guard towers and a keep. Its on top of a cleared hill, but appalingly laid out, so shouldnt be hard to storm. A small disagreement on how to proceed ensues, then we agree to go over the walls at night.

So, Night-time rolls round, and off we trundle to storm the castle. Hurrah. In case we’re rumbled, Naias prepares an arrow with a small note complaining about how whatever bandit it’s found in gave his woman (Kressel? Someone they killed before I got here, I think) crabs. Cant blame him for trying.

We sneak forwards, using the scattered rocks on the slope for cover. Suddenly, Zombies! Four of them. From the ground. Quite a good trap, I have to admit. Anyway. Lick reacts quickly, as usual, and has a go at one, tripping it to the floor, while aramil ponces around with some magic. Gore removes a second zombie rather efficiently, and naias shoots one. The fourth shambles forwards, and i’m so busy being impressed by the trap, I forget to block. Ow. Meanwhile, Naias’ one heads for him and flails at him ineffectually, while lick plays with his food. I give mine a good chopping, but it manages to stay up, while Gore removes the one attacking Naias. Naias then shoots the guard out of the tower overlooking our direction before he can raise the alarm (he appeared to be too busy laughing at us falling for the trap, teach him). I distract my zombie with a cunning distraction, but manage to distract myself too, and fail to seize the advantage. Bleh. Lick takes advantage anyway and ends the zombie for me.

We move on closer to the walls, and get most of the way before, you guessed it, Suddenly, Zombies! Again.

Lick trips one again, Naias appears to have noticed that his arrows had little effect on the things last time, so hits one with his axe. Gore removes one again, I stab one. Lick plays with his food again, Naias gets hit by his zombie, while mine flails. Better choice of zombie this time, I suspect. We quickly finish them off, Gore getting the last blow before they can manage to get any more attacks in. Silly zombies. We appear to have managed to do this quietly, as the only reaction from the camp is someone below us calling drunkenly to be quiet (well, the guards heard nothing, so its all good).

We get to the wall. Naias throws my grappling hook (with attached rope) up onto the tower, and scales the wall with ease. I hear the gentle sound of the bowstring as he kills another of the sentries, and Gore follows him up. At this point, however, the last sentry appears to have noticed the second one’s death, and calls out to his comrades, apparently unsure if they’re okay. There is some mucking around trying to get Naias a shot, and eventually he is heaved into midair, takes a shot at the last guard, hits him, but fails to kill him. Obviously, the alarm is called at this point, so me, Aramil, and Lick quickly cross the wall and move to try to deal with the barracks which appeared to be in this area. It, however, had no entrance from here. We all quickly move round the keep to the only entrance it has, and ready ourselves to storm it.

Gore runs into the entrance, and roars, at least one bandit looks somewhat taken aback by this, and most of them are still grabbing their gear. Naias shoots one bandit, Gore charges another and kills him. The bandits try an assortment of attacks on Gore, but fail. Lick charges in and takes the scared one (turns out to be the guys who we can capture and take back for money) to the floor, while I charge another and engage him.

A very large chap drops in from above in between us and Naias, roars in a somewhat pitiful way, and gets shot twice by Naias. Smart chap, this. Gore drops another bandit, and then one hiding at the back nips accross the room and opens a grate. Scary, right?

Lick wounds the guy he is attacking quite badly, although doesnt kill him, while aramil smacks the large chap around a bit. I charge and kill the last remaining ordinary bandit.

Another bandit comes down some stairs from above, looks at the scene, and rips off his Stag Lord (Dun dun DER) amulet, then moves to attack the guy at the grate.

The big guy drops to his knees and begs for mercy, which showed more intelligence than I thought, while Naias’ arrows and Gore’s Axe quickly down the guy at the grate. He was useful.

But then, an owlbear charges out from the grate at Gore, although failing to do anything worthwhile.

Aramil knocks the big guy unconcious, while Lick bites the Owlbear’s vulnerable parts for massive damage. Go Lick.

I Cant get at the owlbear, and the bandits are all down (or changing sides), so I ready myself in case of suprise. The traitor bloke takes a swing at the owlbear but doesnt do much, while Naias hits the owlbear with one arrow. Then he hits Gore, because he’s still not perfect with that bow. Gore responds by smacking the owlbear with both ends of his axe. It looks horribly injured and close to death, but manages to grapple Gore, so I throw my dagger at it, but miss.

From Nowhere, the Stag Lord (Dun dun DER) appears from the shadows and takes a shot at Naias. It misses. Not so scary after all (also, drunk).

Lick kills the owlbear, while Aramil quickly wands Gore to heal his wounds. Traitor bloke looks rather angry and charges the Stag Lord. Naias then shoots the Stag Lord, but fumbles trying to shoot too quickly and drops his bow. Gore charges the Stag Lord and hits him, while I try to nip past the melee into position to cut off the Stag Lord’s retreat. He turns out to be faster than expected, and trips me on my way past. He then steps back, and tries to shoot the traitor, forgetting that the large Gore can hit him from there, and hence getting a smack for his troubles, although one of his shots managed to hit the traitor anyway. Lick nips into the fight and has a go at the Stag Lord, but it less effective against him than previous opponents.

Aramil heals Gore again, while the traitor smacks the Stag Lord another good blow, and Naias recovers his bow and hits with another (slower) arrow. I get up from the floor and move into position to attack the Stag Lord, but while i’m readying myself, he decides taking a potion is clever, and tries to sneak it down without getting a stab. Needless to say, Gore and Lick dont like that idea, so kill him rather resoundingly for his trouble…


I’ll chuck wiki links in later. Rawr.

Down with the Stag Lord!

the stag lord (Dun Dun Der) goes down and we get lots of treasure. Yay!

Down with the Stag Lord!

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