Pete's Kingmaker campaign

In search of trolls

useless hirelings and turtle soup

Whilst at Leveton Gorefang persuaded the other staglords that it was still necessary to do something about the troll sighting, in order to settle the populace. To this end they decided to hire mercenaries, offering a generous wage and placing a large bounty on the head of any trolls killed. They enlisted the aid of two mercenaries as well as the reformed bandits Akyros and thingy???

As Lotus was engaged in other business it was considered to be important to enlist the aid of at least one spellcaster. Amongst the new arrivals in the in was an unusual looking man whose manner of dress immediately suggested that he might be a wizard. Naias spoke to him and persuaded him to support their cause. The man was persuaded, not be the offer of reward, but by Naias’ assertion of the benefits of their quest and the virtuous way in which Midgard was being governed.

The stag lords prepared lots of flaming weapons and travelled south to sootscale’s cave. Whilst there Naias approached Sootscale about the task of taking over as spymaster. Since the druid had been so reluctant to be involved in governing the country and had noot been making use of the road wardens that Naias has tried to establish, Naias wanted to take over the role of lord marshal. He was concerned that his position as spymaster was bringing out a sneaky side of him which he didn’t really like. He offered to combine his own intelligence network (mostly whores, barmaids and gossip mongers) with the Kobold’s own scouting abilities. The position, if accepted, would also place Sootscale on the council for Midgard and hence enhance the respectability of the Kobolds.
The next day they crossed over to where the Trolls had first been sighted. As so long had passed, the rangers were unable to locate troll tracks and could find no indication of any troll lair in the area. What they did find was an old barrow. the first chamber was full of bats, which they were able to smoke out. Scouting ahead Cal found signs of a magical trap in the next chamber. Entering the chamber to examine the trap he heard sounds coming from one of the side branches. A group of skeletons rushed out to attack him, followed by many more from the other direction. They were no match for the brave band, who easily dispatched them all.
Continuing further on they found an armoured corpse laid out for burial, clutching a broken sword, which both Cal and Gore determined to be magical. Cal tried to take the sword, immediately waking the undead warrior. It proved to be extremely hard to hit, but through force of numbers was brought down without anyone being harmed. The sword was given to Naias.

Travelling south the following day they found another river. They followed this river west, towards the tuskwater. There was a ford which allowed them to scout to the south of the river a short distance, but nothing of interest was found.
Drawing near the tuskwater, Naias reminder the other lords that it was in this area that an old fisherman had reported a giant turtle in his fishing hole and had offered a bounty for ridding it of the creature. The fishing pool was at the bottom of a narrow path down the 40’ cliffs which stood at the eastern shore of the tuskwater. Searching around, they found the trail leading to the fishing pool. It was in a small muddy beach on the shore of the tuskwater. There were giant turtle tracks around, but no sign of the beast itself. Cal and Gorefang began planning how to trap the beast. Whilst they began constructing a trap, Naias decided to catch some fish, to use as bait.
As he waded into the shallow pool he noticed a tell tale sign of the giant turtle hidden in the mud under the water. Rather than cry out, he readied himself against its attack and continued into the shallows. The turtle rushed towards him, but he easily blocked its attack. The other warriors rushed forward to attack it. The turtle backed off, moving to attack the smallest target, Cal. It bit his shield, snapping it in two. Naias and Akyros both backed away, drew their bows and shot at the turtle with animal bane arrows, slaying it, but not until after it has bitten Cal quite viciously.
During the fighting Akyros had handled himself extremely well, however the other reformed bandit had held back, doing nothing. This brought a severe repremand from Cal.
Whilst tending his wounds Cal tried to palm a magical gem, which he had been the first to notice. His action was observed by both Gorefang and Naias. Gorefang questioned him about it, but Cal claimed that it was merely a flat pebble, for skipping stones.
They made camp and Naias cooked the turtle, providing their group with a delicious feast.

Having determined that the trolls did not live in the region between the two rivers the stag lords decided to return home, claim the bounty on the turtle and see to the administration of the country.



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