Pete's Kingmaker campaign

the lost months

extract from Ad Urbem Condite

The records for the early months of 4711 were lost during the troubles of the great war. Attempts to reconstruct the events of this period were made soon afterwards, although they were based on the accounts of reliable sources, time had no doubt dulled their recollection. As such the records of this period may not be as exact in their details as the rest of my history of Midgard.

The Winter saw work begin on the construction of Goreford, with the intention being from the start that this, and not Leveton, should be the capital city of Midgard.

During the deepest part of the winter the people of Leveton were deeply disturbed as news spread of a number of gruesome deaths. At least two people had been found ripped to shreds on seperate nights. One was a waitess at the Prodigal Son in Leveton, whilst the other was a farm boy, from one of the outlying farms. Investigating the scene of the boys death the skills of Gorefang and Naias, both skilled rangers, were able to locate tracks of a large beast, which seemed to change into the tracks of a man and then go towards Leveton. As the murders had occured around the time of the full moon, they concluded that the killing was being perpetrated by a Lycanthrope. Since the Lycanthrope seemed to have concealed his clothes nearby in preparation for the hunt, they concluded that the man must have been aware of the actions of the beast and that the curse of lycanthropy had fully corrupted its soul.

It is not widely known, but the influence of the moon causes those aflicted to change for three days around the full moon. Knowing this, and suspecting that the lycanthrope was one of the recent immigrants to the rapidly expanding settlement, the stag lords patrolled the city, with particular interest in the Inn. By chance it was Gorefang who spotted the werewolf and set upon it on his own. The werewolf was a powerful barbarian from the north, who even as a human was a formidable foe. With the added strength and invulnerability that the curse of lycanthropy brought, it is unlikely that anyone else in the city might have had the ability to slay him, but in a mighty and titanic clash, Gorefang slew the beast, suffering man fearful wounds in the process. He then brought the head of the monster to the Inn, in order to show all that it had been slain and could threaten them no more. It was in memory of this event that the name of the Inn was changed to be “The wolf’s head”

It was around this time that the stag lords of Midgard were informed by a fisherman of a giant turtle, which had driven him out of a secret fishing spot which he used, to the East of the Tuskwater, in the unexplored regions. They had posted notice prior to this that nobody should travel to that region, due to the trolls and swore that it would be dealt with, but not before more important matters were handled.

In order to transport building materials to Goreford and open up the possibility of trade to the south Naias took the treasure from the staglord’s basement south by rowing boat to the city of Mivon. There he purchased a riverboat and hired a crew, which he brought back to Goreford. The riverboat was mostly used in the first year for transporting timber downriver to Goreford. It is rumored that whilst in Mivon he was secretly in communication with his father, the evil warlord Von Richter, although this seems unlikely.

During his absence, the other stag lords, anticipating a busy spring and wishing to aid the expansion of the fledgling nation, set out to explore the tributary west of the Tuskwater, known as the stench, before the winter snows had thawed. They encountered a group of gnome caravan, who were in trouble crossing the river and attempted to help them to save their cargo. They learnt that the gnomes had clashed with some of the local Kobold population.
Naias caught up with the others whilst they were continuing their exploration shortly before they arrived at a pool, were the river widened. On the east bank they encountered a group of woodsmen from Calford, who were in angry confrontation with a Nixie. The water sprite was angry with them for cutting down the treas around her pool and had hypnotised two of the woodsmen, luring them away from the others and was threatening to drown them as punishment.
Using the diplomatic skills which he had honed in the organisation of their fledgling country, Naias was able to talk both sides down and persuade them to reach a compromise. The woodsmen were told to return north and not trouble the Nixie again, and were paid a months wages each for the diruption to their livelihood. In order to secure the release of the hostages Naias promised to replace the felled trees. The Nixie, whose name she informed them was Meliance, told them of a Dryad called Teressia living to the west, who owned some feather tokens, which would grow into trees instantly. They followed the Nixie’s suggestion to speak with that Dryad. To ensure the safety of the hostages Gorefang allowed Meliance to keep his companion wolf as a hostage too.

Heading west they found the Dryad’s clearing and were threatened by an angry Satyr. Naias persuaded the Satyr, whose name was Faltros, of their good intentions and told him of their mission. At this point the Dryad, Teressia, also appeared and spoke to them. They told the stag lords of a cursed evil tree, known as a scythe tree, which had been attacking the fey of the forest and which had attacked them. They agreed to give the feather tokens, as well as other gifts, to the stag lords on the condition that they should slay the tree. Having agreed to aid Teressia, the stag lords travelled south, following her directions. After a few hours they reached an area of the forest which was filled with an aura of decay. The tees were all gnarled and twisted. As they came into a clearing they were attacked by the scythe tree. It was able to use it’s great strength and reach to batter the heroes around and injured them gravely. They tried to use flaming weapons against the monster but as the winter snows still covered the ground the fire did not catch easily and they did little damage to it. Once again it was the strength of Gorefang which proved decisive. Using the sorcerous powers of his draconic ancestry he was able to grow in size and cleave the tree with a great many swings of his mighty axe. Burried under its roots were a few pieces of amber, some coins and a magical robe.

Having slain the scythe tree the stag lords returned to Teressia’s grove. The history from this point is better recorded, as a fragment of Naias’ journal survived. They were rewarded with a number of magical gifts: five feather tree tokens, some good berries two healing potions and a wand of cure light wounds. Whilst there, Naias spoke to the Teressia and Faltros about trying to prevent misunderstandings and conflict between humans and fey. He arranged for her to gather as many fey as were willing to meet with him in two months time at the Meliance’s pool, so that they could discuss which areas of the forest were sacred to the fey and should not be desecrated and which areas they might tolerate the humans dwelling in. It was his hope to forge an alliance with the fey of the region, so that fey too might become respected citizens of Midgard. One major step in this regard was achieved when Faltros agreed to become the defender of the forest and patrol it, to keep it safe from threats which might threaten Midgard.

After leaving the fey, the staglords returned to Meliance’s pool, used the feather tokens to grow five mighty oaks, and secured the release of the hostages. Naias also persuaded her to both permit and attend the meeting which he had arranged and to spread the word amongst the river fey folk. Red Lotus further helped to win over the goodwill of Meliance by entertaining her with her beautiful singing. They then escorted the woodsmen to Calford. Whilst there they called a town meeting and informed the townspeople that the fey too were to be considered citizens of Midgard. The stag lords promised to deal with any troubles which the fey caused as long as the villagers would respect the regions which the fey considered sacred. The villagers of Calford were very surprised by the appearance of Cal, the eponimous hero of the area, and they found it hard to reconcile the thought that one of the founding heroes was now a goblin.

The stag lords then returned to Terresia’s grove, in order to continue their exploration. They spent the night there, but were surprised in the morning when a pack of wild boars entered the clearing. Before the other stag lords had been roused Cal recklessly charged the Boars. Naias quickly shot two boar, taking them both down. Some of the animals attacked the horses and Naias’ horse, Peregrine, was injured. Naias slew the beast responsible. At this point Terresia used her powers to drive the other animals away. She healed the injured boar, whilst the one which had injured Perry was cooked and cut up for supplies.

Later that day they set out to the west. Gorefang was wearing the robe which he had recovered from the scythetree. Sighting a brush thylacine, they rushed to attack it. Suddenly Gorefang found that he felt as though millions of insects were biting him and cried out in agony, ripping the robes from himself. Cal and Naias swiftly dispatched the thylacine. They then thanked the gods that the cursed robe had not stuck gorefang down when facing a more dangerous foe. The remainder of the day found nothing of interest and they made camp.

At this point the journal again becomes fragmented. It is not known how long it was before the stag lords returned to their capital, but it is generally held that the remainder of their time in the forest passed without any significant events.



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