Pete's Kingmaker campaign

Bears, Fey, and Temples, Oh my.

So, we took the bandit captive. Then Naias and Aramil negotiated some sort of agreement for him to spy for us, while I was muttering to myself about not being able to kill him. I saw Aramil handing the bandit 2 gold, which seems to be more than he’d make in a good month normally, but then, not my money (yet). Then we finished mapping the area (sadly, nothing else to kill), and set up camp for the night.

21st: Today we explored to the west. While mapping, Naias spotted something that wasnt there, and we all looked for it. This broke the monotony of the trees, however. Some time later, Gor’s Horse set off a clumsy tripwire trap, which wouldnt have hurt much more than his pride anyway. Some time later, some bear tracks showed up, we talked about it, and then carried on as normal, because we’re like that. We made camp, but the fire went out, and the bear decided to arrive in the odd smoke the fire made. Then it fell asleep. Then some crazy beast-thing and it’s pet talking dragon show up and think we’re bandits. We tell them we’re not, they share some stories with Red. Yay. Eventually, we manage to get to bed and sleep.

22nd: We move on west today. The only highlight was some idiot (possibly the chap with the trap from before) caught in his own deadfall. He had a particularly nice axe, which I took.

23rd: We move on North-East. There are plenty of bear-traps, one of which I set off to convince the others that i’m really a paladin. Must remember to do that without hurting myself in future, despite the druid’s help. We proceeded to collect a few more traps, and then camp.

24th: We finish clearing out the traps in the area. In the last, is a Boar. When I went to put it out of it’s misery, its mate charged from the underbrush, and the boar gored me while i was distracted. Doing miserably recently. Anyway, the druid’s spells, Naias’ arrows, and Gor’s Axe deal reliably with the boars. At least the idiot trapper has run out of traps by now.

25th: Boring day, headed back towards Oleg’s.

26th: More travelling. Yawn. This adventuring lark isnt very reliable money. Thinking about heading back to the city.

27th: After returning to Oleg’s, me and Naias headed out and negotiated buying some radishes from those Kobolds. Turns out we made a massive profit. Maybe there’ll be more people out here to scam like that. Also, Red managed to translate the stuff none of us could read. That Kobold Shaman bloke turned out to originally have been a Gnome. Rather angry gnome, not big on bravery. Pretty good scam artist, however.

28th: Along with the other shopping, Naias let me take the breastplate he’d ordered as it would be more use to a Paladin. Sucker. I’ll probably have to pay him back eventually, I guess, but hey. Jhod got back today, too, so we’re off to the temple tomorrow.

29th: We trundled off and did more mapping. Found a bandit camp, but Naias, Gor, and Jhod cleared that before we even got to Oleg’s. No loot to be had.

30th: We do more mapping. Yawn.

1st: We found the temple today! It was quite impressive, but ruined and somewhat dreary. Also, occupied by a bear. Which didnt like us, apparently. It charged us, but was no match for my mighty new shield (Bought from Oleg, but I forgot that at the time). We assortedly beat it up, without meaning to kill it, because it seemed un-natural. When it was knocked out it turned out to be a man. He disolved, oddly. Apparently he was some blasphemous priest of Erastil, Jhod’s and this temple’s god. Must remember not to annoy Sarenrae too much. The temple seemed to look much brighter once the bear was gone, however, and the pool in the middle of the area is apprently healing now, not that we need it, after my shield doing its work. Good buy, that.


I like the rather bored narrative of the rogue, fed up of pretending to be nice all the time. Your claim to competence in disarming traps is nicely ironic, although you didn’t mention that we had been informed about lots of traps in that area by the fey.

Can someone who remembers say what sort of Fey it was we met? Was it called a grig? I refer to the grasshopper elf hybrid thing. I believe she also told us her name. Since she seems to pop up from time to time it might be useful to know those details.

Bears, Fey, and Temples, Oh my.

There is a grig called Tyg-Titter-Tut and a faerie dragon called Perlivash.

Bears, Fey, and Temples, Oh my.

nothing much was said about the shopping. so I just thought I’d post a reminder for myself that as well as letting Cal have the armour I bought I was also the one to advanced Gore the money for his armour (because he didn’t have enough to get both the double axe and the armour).

Bears, Fey, and Temples, Oh my.

I’ve realised that Cal’s log style is a bit naff at actually covering everything. Will try to cover everything he misses in a second log from next time onwards. (also, missed the grig’s name while we were playing, more fool me)

Bears, Fey, and Temples, Oh my.

All the logs cover different things in different levels of depth. Rather than a second log for anything he doesn’t cover you could just put it in the comments section. Or if anyone else thinks that something which was missed is worth mentioning, then they can comment on it, so that it all gets to be recorded here one way or another. The way Elsa was taking notes it seems as though her account is going to be very detailed, with a blow by blow account of all the battles.

Bears, Fey, and Temples, Oh my.

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