Pete's Kingmaker campaign

In the Kobold Mines and beyond

Aramil's thoughts and fears

So there we were in the cavern standing over the dead shaman with the Kobold Chief Sootscale.

I had only heard bad things about kobolds but it turns out that they can be pretty grateful -if nothing else. The chief gave us Svetlana’s ring -this was apparently important, something my new comrades had been seeking since they left civilisation.

Sootscale also gave us a bag of loot from the Mites, Cal was pretty sure that this had originally come from the bandits who had in turn stolen it from Oleg. The bag contained a range of coins and a pouch. Red took a look at the contents and so did I. Red was unsure but I think that we had just been given a dust of illusion. Not the sort of thing to test out in a hurry. Probably best to keep quiet on that one and wait until we get to a wizard who can tell us once and for all.

Nais started trying to invest in Sootscale’s mine, and become the high trader of the tribne, rings were involved, convoluted yes, dishonest -probably. I am not sure what this would mean or bring to the area.

At this point Red began singing. She did not stop. Ever.

We bedded down with our new loot and rested. Cal had a good idea, we borrowed a kobold guide who showed us around the area and told us the bandits camped somewhere to the South. So, we headed North, of course. Perhaps it was North East. We stopped to watch some enormous Elks graze besides a river, there was no need to hunt these beasts and I restrained the party from trying to slay them. We moved on along the river and found a more or less ruined bridge, just a rope across and no planks.

Looking around Cal found a sign “Nettles’ Crossing” and a bell. Ding! Ding! Ding! before any time had passed a zombie arose from the water. “Nettles” pointed to the ruins of a house where he had lived, the Stag Lord had killed him and he thirsted for vengeance -his runnig river would never sate his thirst. Nais committed us to exacting the Stag Lord’s death and Nettle sank back into the waters.

Nais lashed himself together and began crossing the river, safely across he went “scouting”. He returned sccreaming and we watched with interest, nothign happened and he clambered back over. He is indeed very strange. We took time to rest.

Heading North West we watched Red get baited by Nais…this was more interesting than the hills. Then Cal found a claw shaped tree -blasted by lightning. However it was I who found a dark hollow in the roots, the earth had recently been dug over. A cloak buried there had a orange tipped wand, a fine dagger, a silver ring and a tattered spell book within. Red took the dagger and the wand -it would let her cast Burning Hands!

We rested again.

On the next day we headed East -the land was as empty as my pockets -so quite empty.

We rested yet again.

After all our travelling Nais took us North Westacross some very dull plains -where I found all the food! Nais then insisted we head North East.

By the Forest! This land was a desolate and miserable Wilderness!

Then A hut! With a crazy hermit! Named Bokken. He worked for this man named Oleg making potions. He offered us a deal on potions where if we brought some delicious berries for him to make seven potions with -he would give us a great deal.

He sold us some healing potions. Nais kept haggling -note to self, never make or sell anything in front of Nais.

We rested again.

On Nais’ watch a wolf thing attacked. Cal as the grand paladin he so assuredly is absolutely mangled it with his greatsword.

We rode back to Oleg’s -he was very grateful to the adventurers and by extension me. The news at Oleg’s trade post was that a Unicorn once regularly sighted had disappeared.

Nais and Gore kept wanting to industrialise the silver mine. I will oppose this. This is less about bringing peace and safety to the land as it is about money and taking.

There was also a wanted poster for Tusk Gutter -a massive boar in the area, a big bounty was offered by a retired hunter that had lost his leg to it. He offered his old bow and arrows -the arrows were reportedly enchanted and the bow as grand as any hunter should bear.

We headed West into the forest. We found a radish patch, I was not surprised when Nais began trying to trade the radishes with the kobolds we found there picking them. This man is a one man Trade Mission!

We continued along and were ambushed by several bandits, there is little to say other than we made short work of them…now we have one prisoner, I am grateful that I wear my own skin not his, once Gore gets through with him, I can’t see there being much left.


I like how you can tell the exact moment when Red took a level in bard :D

By the way, the undead bridge keeper is called Nettles, not Nettle. And the “wolf-thing” as you (in character) know is called a brush thylacine.

In the Kobold Mines and beyond

I’ll settle for “Wolf-thing”. in other news, this actually makes me sound competent, something is horribly wrong in here.

In the Kobold Mines and beyond

I’m sure you can do something about making yourself seem incompetent in you own log, although I doubt you will. after all, it could become a saga, all about your own heroic exploits.

After Mat’s awesome Lymeric yesterday I thought I’d try one too.

Von Richter he once had a child who went out to scout in the wild he got into fights killing bandits and mites and making red Lotus get riled.

In the Kobold Mines and beyond

oh, and it is the exact moment that she decided that she wanted to take a level in bard. She didn’t level until the end of the session.

In the Kobold Mines and beyond

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