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Kobold Usurper

Third Session

From the pages of Gorefangs Diary

After our short rest, we were attacked by more Mites from above the chasm. Calandrel quickly jumped to the wall and started to climb, while Naias shot and killed one. A dart flew past Cal’s head, and I let out a cry of anger. My wounds were not yet fully healed, and I felt unable to aid my friends. Aramil, though still injured, started to also climb with Lick on his back. Red Lotus continued her ranged attack from the other side, as Cal lost his footing once more and fell back to the ground. I searched around for the dart that had been thrown, ready to use it as an alternative weapon should I be forced to remain on the chasm floor. Just then, Red shouted ‘There’s a large shape looming on the other side!” and she let forth another stream of acid. She must have hit the shape, as all of a sudden, a loud chittering sound echoed around the walls. As Cal reached into his pack, muttering something about caltrops, I decided to begin climbing the wall myself to offer aid to Aramil. The druid had finally reached the top of the wall, and I heard Lick growl and pounce as Aramil shouted “It’s a Giant Tick!” Red fired another of her acid shots across, and I could hear a mite scream in agony before going quickly silent (she later told me she had melted the mite-rider of the tick). From his station below, Naias let fly another arrow, and Cal had discovered a grappling hook in his pack, which he apparently didn’t know how to use properly (his first attempt missed the edge completely). The battle above continued as Red and Naias attacked from afar, and finally I reached the edge. The creature was more repulsive than I had imagined, and I saw Aramil laying on the ground. I instantly rushed to attack it with my axe, but no sooner had I done so than 4 more mites attacked from a nearby tunnel. Lick and the Tick fought, but the jaguar proved to be much more than the Tick could handle, and it quickly fell. Two of the mites moved in to attack while two more stayed back. They opened their eyes wide and I could see Lick was shaken by them. As I fought the two mites, I grabbed one and threw it off the edge. Unfortunately, I had misjudged Cal’s abilities with the grappling hook, and the mite met with him as he had (so far) been successfully scaling the wall. They both fell, and though the fall had killed the mite, Cal proved that paladins are made of far sturdier stuff than evil faeries. Naias took his place on the rope and within seconds, had scaled the wall to join us.

As me, Naias and lick finished off the mites, Cal soon joined, and as Red made her way down into the chasm to join us on the other side, we took stock of the new room. Along the edges of the room were pegs with small clothes hanging on them, and in the middle was a small table with a red and white cloth. Roots, dirt and rock covered the table in what looked to be a map of the area around the mite’s lair. There was also a strange ivory carving on the table of a crouching, horned lizard-like creature. Under the statue was what appeared to be a list written in the mites language. These things seemed important, so we took them with us.

Somewhere within the hollow, we could hear the screams of a creature. It sounded as if it was being tortured. We quickly headed towards the sound, upwards through a tunnel in the wall/ We came to a large, damp room filled with broken objects that must have been stolen by the mites. Six mites. We instantly attacked and overran them, killing them all within seconds. More came and after seeing their slaughtered friends, they dropped their weapons and raised there arms in defeat. We tied them up and had them escort us through the rest of the caverns to the source of the screaming. At this point, Red Lotus chose to voice her opinions on the nature of good an evil. There was a brief discussion on the ideals of nature versus choice, that was quickly ended when we remembered about the tortured soul in the mites possession.

We entered the final room and found 3 mites torturing a helpless kobold, the bodies of two more lay broken on the ground. In anger, I charged at the nearest one and killed it in a single swipe. Naias’ arrow found the head of the lead torturer, and Cal rushed to kill the third. The kobold was grateful of his rescue and he introduced himself as Mikmek. When he saw the ivory statue in our possession, he was overjoyed. It seems that the statue is a depiction of the local kobold’s god. We decided to rest up and return Mikmek and the statue to the kobolds the next day. Much to Mikmeks dismay, we decided to release the captured mites and scare them away. I hope they don’t cause too much trouble where-ever they end up.

10th of Pharast 4710 (Oathday)

We started out early and took our time to cover the land between the mite’s home and the kobold’s. Mikmek eventually lead us to an old mine. The sign read “Oaktop Silvermine” and outside stood a kobold sentry on watch near a caged mite. Mikmek and the guard started talking quickly in their language (strange, yet oddly familiar), and the guard seemed unwilling to let us enter. Naias and Aramil suggested I show the guard the statue, so I pulled it out and were instantly hurried down into the mine.

The passageway was small and cramped, and our guide stopped several times to point out traps to us. Soon, we entered into a large chamber, the walls of which were covered in blood and charcoal in decorative pictures. We were lead into the main cavern, a space filled with beds and cooking areas. Thick warm air surrounded us as kobold children started to crowd around us. We were lead to a kobold covered in ornamental armour who took the statue from us and gazed at it in glee. The kobolds cheered as he rose it high, and I felt a small amount of pride for having returned an important item to these simple creatures.

Suddenly, the leader threw the statue to the floor where it smashed. The cavern went quiet as we stared in disbelief. The leader introduced himself as Sootscale and told us that the god was a tyrant god that would hold sway no-more over his tribe. He spoke to the other kobolds, rallying them round and asked us to help remove the shaman, Tartek, who had been taking over the tribe using fear of the god. Before we could answer, he was leading us deeper into the cave. We rounded a corner and saw a large metal boiling pot, bubbling over with a strange water. Over it was a purple-scaled kobold in ritual dress, a raven hovering around him. Without hesitation, Sootscale charged forward with a cry of “Die Usurper!” and attacked Tartek. Tartek seemed ready, and quickly hit the chieftain with a sickle. Naias moved to flank Tartek, while I moved to cut off his exit. Cal moved into combat to help Sootscale, who’s blows were being deflected by a magical shield. Red attacked from the entrance and hit through the shaman. I saw this as my chance and with a mighty roar, I bore my axe down upon Tartek’s head and cleaved the evil shaman in two. The raven, seeking revenge, began to peck at my face, by a quick arrow from Naias pinned it to the wall.

The kobolds cheered and Sootscale thanked us. Aramil checked the shamans body and found several magical tools, which we gave to Red. The kobolds welcomed us to stay the night, and we took up their offer. As we lay in the caves, a final thought came into my head before I fell asleep. After all the trouble we had gone to clearing out the mites nest and returning the kobold, we had forgot about Svetlana’s Ring!


you seem to have got in the habbit of calling Red Lotus Rose.

Kobold Usurper

The brief discussion wasn’t really so brief and contrary to what our characters might have chosen to argue, using our vague warrant as an excuse to raid someones lair, slaughter them and murder the ones who try to surrender is lawful evil, not chaotic good. (of course I’m unlikely to admit that in character) Helping evil creatures who are in need of aid, just because you feel like it is chaotic good.

Kobold Usurper

I cant help it. I hear “Red Lotus”, I think “Red Rose”

Kobold Usurper

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