Pete's Kingmaker campaign

The foundation of Midgard

Progress report of the council of Midgard


Having been granted the charter to establish a kingdom in the Greenbelt we awaited the arrival of the first group of immigrants from Restov and led them to Olegs trading post. We have agreed to begin the development of our new republic here, although we plan to build our capital at Goreford, one we expand that far. Rule of the republic will be shared jointly by the council of 5. The name for this new country we have decided shall be Midgard, in honor of the prominance which we hope it shall one day develop to. Oleg Leveton has accepted the position of treasurer of Midgard. Svetlana has agreed to be our councillor and people’s representative. She was reluctant at first but was made to realise that the general store of a new frontier town is the centre of the town socially as well as economically, which places her in the best position to listen to the concerns of our settlers. The advice we had in Restov suggested that an assassin or public executioner would help to prevent public unrest. As we do not want to be evil tyrants we decided that our state would not endorse assassination, we have instead persuaded Ockus to accept the role of executioner. Jhod is our highpriest and the state religion is Erastil, although all non-evil religions are welcome. Red Lotus is our court magician and advisor on arcane magic. Gorefang Wolfskinner has been appointed general. Calandrel is warden, in charge of law and order in the city. Aramil Planespeaker Wildstiller is marshal, in charge of partoling the rural areas. Naias von Richter has been appointed to lead our scouting service, gathering information on kingdoms and territories beyond our borders. Akiros Ismort has agreed to act as our chief diplomat, as he has both the social skills and self reliance necessary to travel far and wide on our behalf. We have decided to establish laws which are idealistic and promote virtue. Legal cases are to be presided over by a magistrate but the spirit of the law is to be considered as important as the letter of the law. Laws to be fairly simple, rather than overly restrictive. (neutral good kingdom alignment) A large amount of food and raw materials were supplied by the mayor of Restov. Development of this area has now begun.

BP 50


The area around Olegs was developed and building began on our new town. The town has been named Leveton, after Oleg and Svelana, the first settlers of this region. Areas of housing and a new Inn have been constructed. A road to the south has been laid. No taxes were levied but productivity in gathering resources was good.

BP 39


There was some unrest from our settlers. We believe it is just frustration at being confined to the town of Leveton due to the potential dangers beyond our borders. The marshals and scouts have patrolled and cleared the area to the south east of Leveton and farms are being built in that area. A larger residential area has been built and a smithy has been constructed. The south road has been extended through our new territory. Productivity was slightly better this month.

At our council meeting Loy and Latricia Rezbin asked for permission to establish another town of their own at Calford. They have family and friends wanting to help them develop the area. We agreed to their terms and offered them aid in resources on the conditions that they would accept being part of the Republic of Midgard when our influence has spread that far and that they maintain the name of the town as Calford, as that was the name given to the area when it was discovered.

BP 29


The populace seem more content. Our scouts have claimed the territory in which our gold mine was located and mining has begun. A large series of stables for use by our patrols, as well as others, has been constructed in Leveton. Farms have been established in those hills. We have decided that Midgard now has a sufficiently viable economy that we are going to tax the people at a fairly normal tax rate on income from farms, mines and other businesses. Some small attempt to use our resources to promote the reputation of our country is also now being undertaken. Productivity was fairly good, but lower than last year.

BP 18


The people seem content with our rule. Our scouts have claimed the area to the southeast of the mine. The entrance to the Mite’s cave has expanded so that it can act as a place of shelter for herdsmen etc. caught out in the wild. We have developed an area in Leveton as a municipal dump and begun a nightsoil collection service. The roads have been extended through our new territory. More farms have been established in the new area, mostly raising sheep in the hills. Productivity this month was slightly improved on last month. We intend to slow development of Leveton, in order to gain resources for the development of Goreford once the area has been fully mapped.

BP 14


Since our adventures almost certainly extended into Desnus and then we had to go to Restov, meet up with settlers, get loads of wagons of supplies, talk to advisors, lead settlers to the area etc. I figured it would be a few weeks at least between ending the exploration and starting kingdom building. I therefore estimated that it would be late Desnus/early Sarenith before the work got started. I have written it as having Sarenith being the first full month we had for development. If we find that we got things done a lot sooner, once we actually know the dates of the exploration, the dates for this part can easily be changed.

The foundation of Midgard

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