Aramil Planespeaker Wildstiller

Half-elf druid. Tall slim, long brown hair, green eyes, green birthmark on right side of face.


Aramil was born to a human woman and an elven traveller. His father came from the forests from the South East whilst his mother was a daughter of a woodcutter. Growing up with only his mother, Aramil was told he had been named after his father. Besides his clear elven heritage Aramil also had been born with a strange birth mark in a shape of an oak leaf across the right hand side of his face.

Aramil’s talents awoke one day after becoming lost in a storm on the way home from a nearby village’s market fair. Seeking shelter from the heavy, heavy rain Aramil spent the night shivering, passing in and out of consciousness dreaming of the deep green of lore, forest and his blood.

When he awoke he felt taller, sturdier, as if his bare feet might take root in the ground. As he stretched and his joints creaked, a soft mewling disturbed him and at his feet a leopard kitten stirred and scratched for his legs. Aramil picked the ball of fur and teeth from the leaf litter floor and felt the warm rasp and scratch of the cat’s tongue across his fingers.

Since then Aramil and Lick have spent more and more time ranging further and further from Aramil’s village for longer and longer periods. Aramil is curious about who his father might be, why he has been marked out and what fate means when it leaves an abandoned leopard cub with a fatherless half blood.

Aramil Planespeaker Wildstiller

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