Goblin (ex-Aasimar) "paladin"


Class: Rogue 3 / Cavalier 2


Born an Aasimar in Cheliax, Cal was often bullied, and had to flee his home at a young age to avoid a lynch mob. His early life, however, taught him quickly that honesty is not always the best policy, and some very useful skills in protecting himself.

Since leaving, he has picked up the affectation of being a paladin, after several places he went he was mistaken for one simply because people recognised his race, and his immaculate equipment only served to reinforce the idea.

Now proclaiming himself to be a Paladin to one and all, Cal himself fails to see any real distinction between himself and most real Paladins, barring their earnings, as he does do good where possible, although he is likely to end up with more loot than is normal.

Recently, Cal is to be found poking evil with his collapsible 10ft Pole, and then smacking it in the face with his sword. Also falling down a lot. It seems to convince people that he’s a paladin.

Recently Cal was eaten by grizzly bears and reincarnated as a goblin.


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