Gorefang Wolfskinner

Half-Orc Hunter; Wielder of the Double-Axe


Race: Half-orc, Sex: Male, Age: 24.

Str: 18, Dex: 13, Con: 12 Int: 10, Wis: 17, Cha: 11


Born the bastard son of a tanner and an orc sorceress, Gorefang grew up knowing little of his orcish heritage. Instead, he grew up listening to the stories of his father’s family, the famous Wolfskinners of Numeria. His forefather had been a trapper who specialised in creating leather from wolf skin he had hunted. His leather was famous from the frozen north to the inner sea, and was sought by adventurers and noblemen alike. For generations, the Wolfskinner method has passed from father to son, though to Gorefang’s father, Ifan, and now to Gore himself. Though not as sought after as it once was, there are still many armour-smiths who insist on nothing but Wolfskinner leather.

Gorefang was the name given to him by his mother, Magthyra, an orc sorceress who died shortly after childbirth. His father has told him that he met her shortly after she was exiled for unknown reasons from her clan. ‘Gorefang’ is supposedly the name of one of her ancestors, but little else is known about Magthyra.

Gorefang’s young life was quite difficult. Though he grew up in a socially accepting village, he was still bullied for his orc blood, and was so until his physiology came into fruition and he learned to easily take care of himself. He has learned his father’s trade, but part of him has always felt as though the life of an adventurer would be more rewarding. Finally, upon reaching adulthood, he decided to leave home and follow what he felt in his blood to be the right decision. He travelled east to Restov, where he soon found himself on the receiving end of a mayoral charter…

Gorefang Wolfskinner

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