Naias Dreizehn von Richter

Half-elf fighter, specialised in archery.


Race: Half-elf, Sex: Male, Age: 22.

Class: Fighter 4, Ranger 1.

Feats: Skill focus (survival), Point blank shot, Rapid shot, Precise shot, Deadly Aim, Persuasive.

Str:16 Dex:20 Con:13 Int:12 Wis:14 Cha:12


The river kingdoms have seen the rise and fall of many warlords and would be kings. Richter Der Blutige (the bloody) was just another of those. A skilled human fighter, he had led a warband in a surprise attack against the castle of one of the river kingdom’s many minor lords and captured it for himself. He was aided in this by his lover Victoria, a cleric of Gorum who he married soon after settling down. He is a ruthless decadent warlord with aspirations towards legitimacy and aristocratic recognition. Since conquering the castletown to the east of Mivon, which he renamed Gorumheim, he has defied the odds by managing to maintain his power for over 30 years.

Naias was born on the 5th of Pharast 4686, as the thirteenth son of the warlord Richter Der Blutige by one of his many concubines, an elf named Vanya. Since his father had lots of sons and daughters he saw them as little more than resources in an attempt to expand and legitimise his power. Except for his sons by his wife, the others were referred to simply by number. Hence we was raised as Dreizehn (thirteen) Von Richter. His mother, on those rare occasions when he was allowed to see her, called him by the name Naias.

Richter had learnt from past experiences that children are a good way of forming political ties and alliances. For that reason he had resolved to have as many children as possible. Whilst he treats his sons by his wife well, the children by his concubines are seen as little more than resources. Whilst some aspired to be loved by their father, others resented his uncaring manner. In order to try to legitimise his position his sons were sent off to study at respected temples (to Gorum), magical institutions and military academies, in order that they should learn the skills needed to conquer his enemies and expand his power. Naias disliked his father and had been bullied regularly by his elder brothers, who were growing up to be as ruthless and corrupt as their father. He liked to get away from the castle as often as he could and enjoyed hunting. He was sent away to study warfare and courtly etiquette in the accademy of the Aldori swordlords in Restov, in southern Brevoy. It was his fathers intention that a few of his sons should serve in the armies of nearby countries, in order to spread and enhance the Von Richter name.

Whilst at the academy he became more independent and confident. As his training drew close to completion Naias heard that there were plans to gather adventurers together to explore and tame parts of the Stolen Lands. He persuaded his father to allow him to go off to the Stolen Lands in order to hone his skills, and aid Brevoy, thus enhancing the influence of the Von Richter family, or at least become skilled enough to be worthy of commanding men in battle. Since his father had nothing to lose, but an unloved son, he was willing to give him permission to go.

Although it had not been announced, Nias had heard a rumor that the exploration was intended as a precursor to settling the area. It is Naias’ intention to get stronger, found a community and raise an army, and once he has managed, he intends to return home at the head of that army, overthrow his father and free his mother from being his father’s slave.

Naias was brought up to worship Gorum, god of warriors and patron god of Richter and his wife. Whilst he still gives some service to Gorum, he is more devoted to Erastil, the god of hunters and family.

(As a little aside. I believe that this piece of music captures the spirit of the character:

Naias Dreizehn von Richter

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