Tag: Deity


  • Erastil

    Erastil is the god of farming, hunting, trade and family. He is a fairly old fashioned god, being practical, protective and unpretentious, but with some very patriarchal ideas regarding women. He appears to have had a long tradition of worship within

  • Desna

    Nicknamed Song of the Spheres, Desna is the goddess of dreams, stars, travellers, and luck. Desna often appears as a comely elven woman, clad in billowing gowns with brightly coloured butterfly wings on her back. Delicate clouds of

  • Gorum

    The Lord in Iron, the god of strength, battle and weapons, commonly appears as a suit of terrible spiked full plate armour, with a pair of fiery red eyes but no flesh visible. Followers claim the spirit of Gorum lives in iron, be it armour or weapon,

  • Sarenrae

    When the primal forces created Golarion, Asmodeus planted a malignant evil upon the world under cover of perpetual darkness. The doctrine of Sarenraes faith tells how the Dawnflower brought light to the world, and with it truth and honesty.