Tag: Place


  • Narlmarches

    A large area of forest in the Greenbelt. Splitting the Stolen Lands in half, the Narlmarchesor Narlmarch Woods, as they are sometimes knownsprawl across the

  • Greenbelt

    A relatively quiet area of the Stolen Lands, but nonetheless dangerous, being far from civilisation. The Greenbelt consists of the woodland

  • Hooktongue Slough

    A large swamp west of the Narlmarches, home to boggards. Through this area flows the East Sellen River, a major trade route. To the west are the Glenebon Uplands

  • Kamelands

    Rolling hills of brown and yellow grass sprawl across the eastern greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands, the patchy, sand-colored waves and dusky tarns broken by

  • Stolen Lands

    Wedged between the River Kingdoms and Brevoy, this approximately 35,000-square-mile swath of wilderness has a long history of being regarded as stolen from and by whom depending on the point of view. In Brevoy, the lands are

  • Brevoy

    The history of Brevoy is actually the history of two lands, Issia and Rostland, united into one by force. Issia, the northern half of the nation, has been sparsely settled for centuries; numerous small villages cluster on the southern shore of the Lake

  • River Kingdoms

    The vast Sellen River System is a low road through rugged forest country claimed by bandits, outlaws and thieves. These so-called River Kingdoms swear fealty to no one but themselves, extending their power only so far as their mercenary armies or bands