Rolling hills of brown and yellow grass sprawl across the eastern greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands, the patchy, sand-colored waves and dusky tarns broken by countless rocky mounds called kames. With grasses ranging in height from mere inches to lashing blades over 4 feet tall, and uneven rises rife with hidden rocks, the hill country poses a daunting barrier to travel and settlement, accounting for much of the region’s continued wildness. Amid the hills and grass loom the mysterious kames. While most of these mounds of ancient stone and debris stand quiet and purposeless, in many corners of the region they display strange patterns, with mounds suggestive of waymarkers, ancient barrows, or even long-crumbled walls or foundations. Aside from a few small herds of wild horses and goats, few large animals inhabit the Kamelands, with wolves, foxes, hares, and multitudes of rodents and snakes being the primary occupants. Frequently, wyverns from the western tors wing over the region, seeking easy prey from above, while bears, boars, owlbears, and other savage creatures from the eastern forests regularly range into the hills. While the horses of the region are reputed for their vigor and surefootedness, those from the southern River Kingdoms who attempt to capture such mounts often run afoul of the trolls of the southern Narlmarches, making such attempts too dangerous to regularly risk.

It is home to a tribe of kobolds led by Chief Sootscale, who live in an old silver mine, and used to be home to a tribe of mites. There is also a cave confirmed to contain a vein of gold.

The Shrike River flows down from Restov, with a toll bridge destroyed some years ago by the Stag Lord’s bandits guarded by its vengeful undead keeper Davik Nettles. He demands that the Stag Lord be slain and his body thrown into the river. Due to rapids further upriver, the Shrike is not suitable as a trade route.

The Thorn additionally flows down from the Narlmarches to the west, crossed by a rickety bridge only a few miles from its exit from the forest. This bridge is not suitable for crossing by horse, but the river meets the Shrike further downriver at a wide ford, named Goreford after Gorefang Wolfskinner. The Stag Lord’s base is thought to be somewhere to the south, on the north bank of the lake Tuskwater.


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